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The university of applied sciences consists of ten campuses, located in Antwerp, Turnhout, Mechelen and Lier. The head office of the university of applied sciences is located in the Lange Nieuwstraat in Antwerp. From September 2015, the Boom, Mechelen, Paardenmarkt, Merksem and ‘t Zuid campuses have been brought together in the largest campus, Spoor Noord.[7] This includes the Noorderplaats, Ellermanstraat and Viaduct campuses. With an area of ​​46,500 m², there is room for 7,500 students. The Student Center is also located in the Lichttoren. With the integration of the graduate courses and the educational teacher training courses, AP Hogeschool got new campuses in Mechelen, Turnhout and Lier. In the spring of 2022, the construction of a new high-tech STEM campus Hallenplein started. It will be located in the heart of the brand new Slachthuiswijk in Antwerp Dam.

Campus Spoor Noord – Noorderplaats (Department of Health and Welfare and Department of Education and Training)
Campus Spoor Noord – Ellermanstraat (Department of Science and Technology)
Campus Spoor Noord – Viaduct (Shared campus)
Campus Spoor Noord – Light Tower (Student Center)
Campus Hallenplein (planned 2024)
Campus Kronenburg (Department of Science and Technology)
Campus Lange Nieuwstraat (General services)
Campus Meistraat (Department of Management and Communication)
Campus Mutsaard (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp)
Campus deSingel (Royal Conservatory of Antwerp)
Campus Dodoens in Mechelen (graduates, educational bachelor secondary education in shortened track)
Campus Blairon in Turnhout (graduates, educational bachelor secondary education in shortened track)
Campus Louis Zimmer in Lier (educational bachelor secondary education in shortened track)