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The higher education system in Germany
The German higher education system is supervised and under the responsibility of the German federal government, through the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung), and the education government bodies in each German state.
Types of higher education institutions in Germany
How to customize a high-quality German university diploma? In Germany, there are two different types of higher education institutions:
  1. UniversitiesUniversitäten is a German multidisciplinary or specialized institution of higher education and research that can provide academic degrees and education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including doctorates. Specialized universities which have the formal status of Universität include Technical Universities (Technische Universitäten), Universities of Education (Pädagogische Hochschulen), Universities of Arts (Kunsthochschulen), and Universities of Music (Musikhochschulen). uniRank currently includes more than 150 German Universities.
  2. Universities of Applied SciencesFachhochschulen is a specialized higher education institution that can provide academic degrees and education in a few specific scientific fields at undergraduate and postgraduate levels but has no power to award PhD-level degrees, at least not in their own right. uniRank currently includes more than 180 Universities of Applied Sciences.