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What courses can FOM offer?

In order to be able to reach the target group of working people, most of the events take place during the weekday evenings and on Saturdays. Depending on the place of study and needs, individual courses are also offered in the form of day studies (two days a week, all day). For professionals, the bachelor’s degree at FOM University lasts seven semesters. For employed persons, the master’s degree at FOM University lasts four to five semesters, depending on the course.

The courses are organized in so-called higher education areas:

University of Economics & Management
University of Economics & Psychology
University of Economics & Law
Higher Education IT Management
Higher Education Engineering
Higher Education Health & Social Affairs
Higher education Open university
In addition, the FOM offers a dual course of study with different model orientations. For example, the model of the training-integrated dual study program is offered, in which graduates not only acquire a university degree (bachelor’s degree) but also a professional qualification.

Another special area is the “Open University”. The focus here is on the permeability between professional and academic education with the aim that professional qualifications already acquired or skills acquired through professional training can be credited towards a course of study. In concrete terms, this means that study time and tuition fees can be saved.