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Technische Universität Dresden the areas and faculties

Since May 2012, the Technical University of Dresden has been divided into five superordinate areas, to which a total of 17 faculties are assigned. The student numbers shown below refer to the winter semester 2018/19.

field of mathematics and natural sciences
the faculty of biology,
the Faculty of Chemistry and Food Chemistry,
the Faculty of Mathematics,
the Faculty of Physics and
the Faculty of Psychology;
field of engineering
the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology,
the Faculty of Computer Science and
the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering;
construction and environment sector
the Faculty of Architecture,
the Faculty of Civil Engineering,
the Faculty of Environmental Sciences,
the Faculty of Transport Sciences “Friedrich List” and
the Faculty of Economics;
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
the Faculty of Education,
the philosophical faculty and
the Faculty of Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies;
field of medicine
of the medical faculty “Carl Gustav Carus”.