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Authoritative research fields and popular professional courses of Unitec Institute of Technology

Animal Health, Management, and Welfare
Architecture: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and Landscaping, and Garden Design
Arts: Art and Design (Graphic Design and Animation, Photography, Product and Furniture Design, Visual Arts), Performing Arts and Screen Arts (Acting, Contemporary Dance, Costume Design, Lighting and Sound, Props and Art Department)
Bridging Education: Study and Career Preparation
Business: Accounting and Finance, Digital Marketing, Management (Operations and Human Resources), Marketing, and Real Estate
Computing and Information Technology: Business Intelligence, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Game Development, Internet of Things, Software Engineering
Conservation and Biodiversity Management
Construction: Construction Management, Quantity Surveying, Property Development, Construction Supervision
Early Childhood Education
Education Studies
Engineering: Automotive, Civil, Electrical and Electronics, and Land Surveying
Healthcare: Nursing and Medical Imaging
Language Studies – Teaching English, Interpreting, English (as an additional language), IELTS, and Māori
Social Work and Community Development
Sport, Exercise, and Recreation: Exercise, Sports Coaching, and Community Sport and Recreation
Supported Learning
Trades: Automotive Engineering, Building and Carpentry, Electrical, Fabrication, Welding, Mechanical, Plumbing, Gasfitting, and Drainlaying
Veterinary Nursing