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Understanding the U.S. Entry Visa

To enter the United States, all nonimmigrant international visitors (except Canadians) are required to have the proper visa stamp placed in their passports. “Nonimmigrant” means a person has no intention of staying in the United States permanently. Visas are obtained at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad. Visas cannot be obtained within the United States because it is an “entry” document only.

People come to the United States for many different reasons. The type of visa you request should match the purpose for your visit. Visa types are classified using an alpha-numeric system. For example, a visitor coming to study in the United States may be given an “F-1” or “J-1” student visa classification. A person coming to the United States for travel may be given a “B-2” visa, otherwise known as a tourist visa. The sample below shows what a tourist visa looks like:

There are about 185 types of US visas, grouped into two main categories:
  • Nonimmigrant visas. Issued for temporary visits to the United States such as for tourism, business, employment, family visit, and studying.
  • Immigrant visas. Issued to people who will move permanently to the United States under immigrant investor schemes or family reunion.

Here are the main types of US visas:

  • Visitor Visas. The US visitor visas are issued to those who want to go to the United States to visit for a maximum of six months and are divided into:
    • B1 visa for business visits.
    • B2 visas for tourism visitors.
  • Student Visas. The F and M visas are for academic and vocational purposes. Depending on your school and your field of study, you will have to get either the F1 or the M1 visa. These are the categories of the US student visas:
    • F1 for students.
    • F2 visa. dependents of F1 visa holders.
    • M1 visa. visa for vocational purposes.
  • Exchange Visitor Visas. The exchange visitor visas are targeted to those who participate in exchange programs and some type of practical training and employment within the United States. These visas are divided into:
    • J1 visa
    • Q Visa
  • Temporary Work Visas. These visas are issued for temporary work in the United States. Here are the categories of work visas:
    • H1B visa. For persons who have been employed in highly specialized fields.
    • H1B1 visa. For nationals of Chile and Singapore.
    • H-2A visa. Granted to temporary agricultural workers from selected countries in whom the US has some type of interest.
    • H-2B visa. Given to other types of temporary seasonal workers, who do non-agricultural work.
    • H-3 visa. Obtained by those who want to take advantage of training and education opportunities.
    • L1 visa. Issued to intracompany managers or executives.