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Buy Fake CIPD Certificate, Buy Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Diploma, Buy UK Fake Certificate, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is an association for human resource management professionals. Its headquarters are in Wimbledon, London, England. The organisation was founded in 1913 – it is the world’s oldest association in its field and has over 160,000 members internationally working across private, public and voluntary sectors. Peter Cheese was announced in June 2012 as CIPD’s new CEO from July 2012.

CIPD is also a training provider of professional HR and L&D qualification. As such, the non profit registered charity is incorporated with the Royal Charter and is listed as an awarding body and learning provider of professional qualification which is officially recognized by the government of United Kingdom’s Ofqual, CCEA and Qualification Wales. This mean the CIPD qualifications are recognized nationally and internationally. This also gives CIPD accreditation powers to choose which universities meet their strict requirements for accreditation of undergraduate, postgraduate, MSC, HR and L&D programmes, which is highly sought out by UK and International universities.

CIPD membership

As of November 2019 the CIPD reported it had over 150,000 members working or studying in the UK and internationally. Following the re-designation of chartered and non-chartered membership status in 2010 the membership structure comprises:

Professional memberships

Chartered grades

  • Chartered Companion (CCIPD) By invitation only, awarded in recognition of contributions to the profession or the institute.
  • Chartered Fellow (FCIPD) An upgrade from Chartered MCIPD, applicants must have at least 10 years’ relevant experience. To achieve Chartered Fellow status, you’ll need to demonstrate at least three years’ current experience working consistently at a senior level. The scope of your role will be strategic in nature, with an impact across many functions; you’ll rarely work operationally.
  • Chartered Member (MCIPD) Awarded on request to graduate members who have three years’ relevant managerial experience. Or a non-graduate member assessed against the professional standards after five years’ relevant experience (though experience assessment). To achieve Chartered Member status, you’ll need to demonstrate at least three years’ current experience working consistently at this level. Your role may include elements of developing people strategy, but you’ll also be operational, planning and managing HR activity.

Non-chartered grades

  • Associate (Assoc CIPD) This Associate grade was introduced in 2010 and has since replaced the Licentiate grade in 2010 and Graduate level which was phased out in 2014. If you’re currently a Student member you’ll be awarded Associate membership when you successfully complete your CIPD-approved Certificate or Diploma. Associate membership is the first level of HR certification and professionalism in the HR/L&D field.
  • Affiliate: a basic level of membership, not assessed against professional standards but relevant qualification and work experience is mandatory.
  • Student Membership You’re normally undertaking a CIPD-approved Certificate or Diploma and have not had a higher membership level prior to that.

Academic memberships

To be eligible for Academic Membership of the CIPD you need to be an individual working in the field of teaching or research in HRM or an HRM related area.

Chartered grades

  • Academic Member (Academic MCIPD) Typically an experienced lecturer, senior researcher, recognized in the UK or internationally as an expert in more than one relevant HR or L&D subject area.
  • Academic Fellow (Academic FCIPD) Typically a senior academic or research leader, recognized in the UK or internationally as an expert in at least two areas of HR or L&D.

Non-chartered grades

  • Academic Associate (Academic Assoc CIPD) Typically an experienced lecturer, tutor or researcher in an HR or L&D subject area.