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Question You Need to Ask Before You Buy Lakehead University Diploma
Lakehead University Diploma
Lakehead University Diploma

Buy Lakehead University Diploma, Buy Fake Lakehead University Diploma, Buy Canada Fake Diploma, Lakehead University (LU) – public higher education institution in Canada. LUstarted accepting students in 1965. Being outside Thunder Bay, nothing could distract the students from studying.

University ranking. Lakehead University regularly ranks high among the universities of Canada. Lakehead University is in the top 5% according to the international rankings.

Application process and the cost of tuition. Academic year of the university consists of two semesters. A year of bachelor studies will cost you around 15,000 USD. LU is considered to be a pricey option when it comes to obtaining a master’s degree – 15,000 USD per year of study.

The composition of the university. Lakehead University is average in size with a capacity of 9 thousand students. The admission committee accepts the applications from foreign citizens. Every 6 student is a foreign citizen. The teaching staff of LU is composed of 399 academic specialists. The university offers international student exchange programs, made possible by the vast network of partner educational institutions and companies.

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