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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Diploma
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Diploma

Buy Fake Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Diploma, Buy Spain Fake Diploma, The Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) is a public university based in Getafe, Community of Madrid (Spain). It was founded by Gregorio Peces-Barba on May 5, 1989, within the framework of the 1983 University Reform Law. UC3M offers undergraduate and postgraduate university studies in Social and Legal Sciences; Humanities, Communication and Documentation; and Engineering, as well as a degree in Science. It ranks 35th worldwide and is twelfth in Europe in the QS ranking of the 50 best universities in the world under 50 years old and is included in the THE academic ranking of universities. UC3M also stands out for the high employability of graduates, which reaches 90.6%.

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